Sun, sushi and shops

Today was meant to be sunny from the off, but it wasn’t. Not deterred though, I opted for my summer dress and beads – mainly because it’s comfortable when carrying a big tummy around with you. I like summer clothes, they’re so much prettier and brighter than winter ones.


The first stop off of the day was The Brides Room of Birkdale to show my ideas for the wedding dress. I was there for about 45 minutes and I came away with some other ideas and even more options to think about. It was a good visit though because they tell you exactly what style will suit and what won’t. I like this, I’d hate to walk down the aisle thinking I looked great whilst everyone else is thinking “that dress looks ridiculous.” There are some beautiful dresses and I saw a couple that I really love, I’ve also been given some pictures to look at on the Internet to see what I think of those styles.

After my wedding dress meeting, James and I went to the shops. I’m not a massive shopping mall fan. They’re too big and I’m more into villages with vintage shops. Unfortunately, when you need the Apple store you have to go to big shop places.  The only saving grace of the shopping mall is the Food Hall of Selfridges. A trip to Yo! Sushi helped alleviate the pain – even if I could only eat the hot food.

image image

image image

image image

Also, a cheeky little stop at the Patisserie Valerie counter helped out slightly 🙂

image image

image image

image image

On our way back home, the sun decided to come out. We had a phone call from my sister to say we’d all been invited to go to my mum and dad’s for tea in the garden. So we went around for some sunshine, more food and cuddles with my niece.


It has been a nice little day, mainly taken over by food!!


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