Nursery decorating

With the impending arrival of our baby, the nursery has been undergoing a bit of a refurb.

I didn’t want blue as that is too predictable, so we went for bright yellow – a nice, happy colour. The paint used was Yellow Submarine by Homebase. It is only a small space to work with so we can’t really have anything other than plain walls otherwise it’d look too cramped.


I’m now on the lookout for a couple of nice pictures to hang in there. I’ve been having a look on Etsy and quite like the prints by Little Monde and Art by Nataera. They’re fun and bright and will match the décor of the room.

image image

image image

image image

All we need after that are some blackout curtains and bedding in a biscuit type colour, which you can pick up fairly cheaply from Dunelm; and some baskets for the shelves to keep things like nappies in, so the room doesn’t get messy and cluttered.

I know once the nursery is sorted and has new pictures in, my daughter will want her room decorating. She is four years old, but has already told me that she’d like her room repainting if possible – I suppose I should get saving for that, or take the opportunity to have a crafty day with her and we can make our own pictures to frame and put on the wall.


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