Mini Revamp – The Landing

Our landing had become a dumping ground after clearing out the nursery – not the best sight to greet you when you first get up in the morning.


So I decided to clear it up (with a little help from Gracie) and try to make it look pretty. Everything in it is stuff that we already had or had acquired from someone else, so it’s not actually cost anything.

The drawers are from my grandma’s house – good, sturdy old fashioned drawers; so sturdy in fact, that sometimes I can’t close them because they’re too heavy.


The teapot and jug are again rescued from my grandma’s house, and with a bit of tlc they have come up beautiful and shiny.

image image

The bottles were given to me by my mum as she was no longer using them. I plan on filling these with some nice flowers. The little cut glass vases were grandma specials.


The pictures we had lying around as we hadn’t decided where we wanted to hang them. But do you have to hang pictures? I think they look quite nice just propped up. The postcards came from Paris years ago, I really love them.


The chair is one of my mum & dad’s pieces of their old conservatory furniture set. I quite like having it there. I sat there to polish the silver.


Even though it was only a mini project, I quite enjoyed it. And it didn’t cost anything, so winner!! I finish for maternity on Friday and I plan on having some other mini tidy up and revamp projects before the baby gets here. Gracie also likes helping do these kinds of things so it will keep her entertained for a bit.



We have a fantastic Welsh dresser (again rescued from my grandma’s), which we are not making the best of. I’m trying to decide though whether it would be a sacrilege to paint it. I’d like to give it the distressed paint finish, but don’t know whether it would be viewed as a crime on furniture. That room will probably be my next project, so keep a look out for the blog post on that.


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