Project Backyard Clearup – Part 1

Yesterday we embarked on our backyard tidy up project. Nothing has ever really been done to it since moving in. It’s not a massive space, but it’s a decent enough size to do something with and not waste it being there – as has unfortunately been the case for the past 4.5 years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we’ve never ventured out there – it’s just nothing has ever been done with it to make it more pleasant to sit in. If anything, it’s a bit of a dumping ground.

image image

The project had a bit of a take off at the end of last year when the plaster/rendering was removed from the yard walls. It was falling off in many places and just looked a mess. Plus we’re a fan of the bare brick look. So that has now come off and been cleared. Now is the decision of whether to paint the bricks or not – but that can be done as we go along. The priority at the moment is to get it pleasant enough to sit in, especially for summer with the impending arrival of a baby and my daughter’s school holidays.


We (or should I say, my partner) cleared all the rubbish from the yard – which immediately made it look bigger. We got rid of the weeds that had crept through from next door or started growing through the walls, then started on the furniture.

image image

We acquired my parents’ old garden furniture set which needed some tlc. Yesterday we sanded down (again, mainly the OH) the rusty parts and repainted in Olive Green. The paint we got from B&Q. It is there own range and not only is it £6 per tin cheaper than major brands, the colours are also more neutral and pleasant. Other brands’ metal paints tend to have red, blue, green, black & silver etc – a bit too severe for my liking. Whilst the furniture may not be “perfect”, it definitely looks a whole lot better and some nice cushions will also brighten the set up.

image image

image image

image image


I bought some little terracotta pots to put on the table with flowers in. The pots were 50p each (again from B&Q) and I was looking at the metal paint I spotted the ‘Le Petit Palais’ range of paints by Crown. The colours are gorgeous – soft and pastelly (not a word, I know). I got a couple of the testers for painting the pots (not the correct paint for outdoor use but the colours were so lovely) and I’ll spray them with some clear acrylic to help protect them. They look really pretty.

image image

image image

We discovered there were quite a few plant pots buried in the yard underneath the rubbish, so they are in the process of being cleaned up.

image image


The next job is to power wash the paving slabs which will probably start tomorrow.

I’m liking that we’re making progress with this project and will update when I have more changes to show.


2 thoughts on “Project Backyard Clearup – Part 1

  1. Looks like you guys made great progress! It’s so fun to get everything outside set – we just had our patio power washed and it looks brand new! They also sealed it to help keep the weeds out. Can’t wait to see more updates!

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