Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye to The Seaside Family. I no longer have the time to blog about my every day life, as since having my son in June a lot of every day life has been taken up by hospital appointments. I started The Seaside Family blog before he was born as I wanted to write about normal every day stuff and not just always write about the sad stuff on my Bump’s Brain blog, but every day normality to me now is the stuff that happens on my Bump’s Brain blog. My son has a lot of hospital appointments and keeping my family/friends/followers up-to-date with his progress is more important than me writing about food, my house or clothes. Whilst I enjoy doing it, it’s not a priority. Maybe when I have gotten into more of a routine and things have settled down, I can pick up this blog again, but for now I’m putting it aside.

I’d love it if you would like to follow Bump’s Brain. I’m trying to blog to help other people that might be going through the same and maybe help them know that the doom and gloom you get told at your antenatal appointments regarding this condition, is not necessarily as bad as its made out.

I’ve also started taking lots of photos and am slowly trying to build up a little photography business. You can look/follow, if you want to that is, at Angel & Seabass.

Thank you for following The Seaside Family, I’d love it if you’d support Bump’s Brain xx


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